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Then and Now: CompuBox Analyzes Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. Exhibition

Then and Now: CompuBox Analyzes Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. Exhibition

photos fromThe Ring archive
by means of Lee Groves

in the waning hours of March 1, 2003, Roy Jones Jr. sat in front of the realm’s boxing media to bask in the glory of his most advantageous triumph to this point — a lopsided 12-round resolution victory over WBA heavyweight titleholder John Ruiz to turn into the first former middleweight titlist due to the fact Bob Fitzsimmons 106 years prior to win a extensively diagnosed share of the heavyweight championship. The speculation involving the opponent for Jones’ first title defense ran rampant, and one of the most first names that came up changed into that of Mike Tyson, a former two-time titlist who turned into gone his major in terms of in-ring prowess however who nonetheless had the drawing vigor of his best. For these reasons, Jones versus Tyson was a bona fide fantasy battle that promised to generate lots of of thousands and thousands of greenbacks. really, Las Vegas oddsmakers deemed Jones a 2-to-1 choice right after Jones-Ruiz.

All that modified all over that publish-battle press convention when Antonio Tarver, who lately gained the WBC and IBF mild heavyweight belts Jones vacated to battle Ruiz, took the microphone. The Orlando native declared that Jones (a Pensacola product) wasn’t even the top of the line easy heavyweight in Florida and demanded that Jones battle him. Jones could have dismissed Tarver’s challenge with a regal wave of the hand, however since it changed into issued so publicly and so forcefully, Jones deserted the heavyweight division as smartly because the competencies dream battle with Tyson. In a extremely actual method, Tarver changed the path of boxing heritage, for he managed to goad Jones into burning off at least 18 kilos of muscle and combating Tarver for his easy heavyweight titles. Their first meeting, which Jones won by means of a tough-fought majority determination, would mark the beginning of a very lengthy and precipitous decline. in the meantime, Tyson, who scored a forty nine-2d KO of Cliff Etienne in February 2003, went on to lose his ultimate two fights against Danny Williams (KO via four) and Kevin McBride (KO by way of 6).

Seventeen years after Jones-Ruiz, Jones will eventually step internal the ring with “Iron Mike” but the rules with a purpose to govern their meeting will be different than average. First, officially talking as a minimum, this battle will be regarded as an exhibition in its place of a sanctioned in shape whose effect should be blanketed of their professional data. 2nd, they could be fighting a optimum of eight two-minute rounds. ultimately, every man will wear 12-ounce gloves instead of the 10-ounce gloves heavyweights continually game. but when their pre-adventure rhetoric is to be believed, the action with a purpose to unfold can be a whole lot more intense than is usually the case with exhibitions. One rationale is professional pride; every will are looking to be at his most advantageous in opposition t the other when it comes to actual conditioning and mental fortitude. a different is that every is smartly-versed in boxing background and thus recognize that their “fight” will create clean impressions about their talents. And third, if a true fight breaks out, is bragging rights for the relaxation of their respective lives.

All these variables — together with the sight of Tyson and Jones within the equal ring — make this adventure a whole lot more than the common exhibition, and that’s why it has produced so lots consideration and inspired so much intrigue. what will unfold inner the ring at the Staples core? That question will encourage many to plunk down $forty nine.ninety nine to find out.

in their Primes: When one appears at their respective bests, Tyson and Jones are remarkably an identical when it involves their statistical profiles on offense in that each are low output/excessive accuracy fighters. For the functions of this evaluation, Tyson’s “major” is defined as the 15 CompuBox-tracked fights between his title-winning battle towards Trevor Berbick in November 1986 and his 2nd assembly with Donovan “Razor” Ruddock in June 1991 — his ultimate fight earlier than being sentenced to penal complex. As for Jones, his most excellent is made up of the 21 CompuBox-tracked fights between his first combat with Bernard Hopkins in can also 1993 through his triumph in opposition t Ruiz in March 2003 — a plenty longer leading all through which Jones become deemed boxing’s optimal pound-for-pound fighter via The Ring twice (from April 1996 to March 1997 and from October 1999 to June 2000; the Ruiz win would begin his third and remaining tenure which might end with the Tarver KO loss in might also 2004). As a point of comparison, Tyson turned into The Ring’s No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter when the record debuted in its January 1990 problem and he would remain at the right of the listing for five considerations unless his loss to James “Buster” Douglas.

The normal heavyweight averages 44.6 punches per circular however the work charges of Tyson (34 per round) and Jones (44.1 per round) had been below that benchmark. The same could be mentioned for both mens’ jabs; the heavyweight commonplace is 20.5 attempts and 5.0 connects per round however Tyson averaged eleven.1 attempts and 3.2 connects per circular whereas Jones’ jab (14.0 makes an attempt and three.7 connects per round) also fell under the light heavyweight norms of 23 makes an attempt and 4.7 connects per round. however they greater than compensate for these deficits with sophisticated accuracy in all phases, and the numbers are stunningly identical: Tyson landed forty five.9% of his total punches in comparison to Jones’ forty five.eight%, Tyson linked on 28.eight% of his jabs in comparison to Jones’ 26.4% and Tyson landed fifty four.four% of his power pictures compared to Jones’ 54.eight%. because Jones averaged 10.1 greater punches per round, he inflicted greater numerical damage when it comes to connects per circular (20.2 to fifteen.6 standard; 3.7 to three.2 jabs and 16.5 to 12.4 vigour). They also boasted an aggressive punch preference as vigour punches comprised 67.1% of Tyson’s makes an attempt and 79.5% of his connects in comparison to sixty eight.three% of Jones’ attempts and eighty one.7% of his connects.

however whereas their offensive numbers are carefully aligned, Jones became the more advantageous defender, generally as a result of Tyson jettisoned his trademark Cus D’Amato head circulation all over much of his title reign. Tyson’s opponents landed 34.1% of their complete punches, 28.1% of their jabs and 39.6% of their vigor punches while Jones’ opponents linked on just 26.9% of their complete punches, 18.2% of their jabs and 33.eight% of their hooks, crosses and uppercuts. therefore, the top Jones boasted a plus-18.9 plus/minus score (the change between a fighter’s complete join percent compared to that of his opponents) while Tyson’s became plus-eleven.8.

One factor of change favoring the leading Tyson changed into that he faced much less incoming fireplace from opponents — likely as a result of they had been justifiably fearful of what would be coming back. Tyson’s 15 opponents averaged handiest 30.5 punches per round and landed 10.4 complete punches per round, four.1 jabs and 6.3 vigor punches per round while Jones’ 21 foes averaged 37.2 punches per round, 10 complete connects per circular, 3.0 landed jabs per round and seven.0 vigor connects per round.


  • list IN generally recognized WORLD TITLE FIGHTS: 12-four (10 KO)
  • TWO-TIME RING magazine AND BWAA FIGHTER OF THE yr (1986, 1988)
  • NAMED 14TH top-quality HEAVYWEIGHT OF ALL TIME through RING journal IN 1988 AND THE 72ND optimum FIGHTER OF ALL TIME IN 2003
  • INDUCTED INTO international BOXING corridor OF reputation (2011), NEVADA BOXING corridor OF reputation (2013) AND SOUTHERN NEVADA BOXING corridor OF fame (2015)


  • TWO-TIME countrywide GOLDEN GLOVES CHAMPION (1986, 1987) AND SILVER MEDALIST at the 1986 GOODWILL games
  • suggested 122-13 novice record
  • skilled career begun WITH 17 CONSECUTIVE KOs
  • list IN widely identified WORLD TITLE FIGHTS: 22-3 (14 KO)
  • HAS FOUGHT 22 guys WHO had been CHAMPIONS someday in their CAREERS (18-8, 8 KO)
  • 1994 RING magazine FIGHTER OF THE yr AND 2003 WORLD BOXING corridor OF reputation FIGHTER OF THE 12 months (HAS under no circumstances won BWAA FIGHTER OF THE yr AWARD but became NAMED THE corporation’S FIGHTER OF the decade FOR THE Nineties)

Most recent kind: For this element of the study, the numbers were drawn from Tyson’s last 4 CompuBox-tracked fights (KO 6 Brian Nielsen, KO by 8 Lennox Lewis, KO by four Danny Williams, KO by 6 Kevin McBride) and Jones’ remaining five tracked bouts (L 12 Bernard Hopkins II, KO by using 10 Denis Lebedev, KO by way of four Enzo Maccarinelli, KO 8 Bobby Gunn and W 10 Scott Sigmon).

Tyson’s offensive numbers remained a good deal the equal as his leading as he averaged 35.6 punches per round (1.6 greater per circular than his choicest) and related at very excessive quotes (39.3% normal, 17.1% jabs, 50.2% energy compared to forty five.9% typical, 28.8% jabs and fifty four.4% vigor). For Tyson, the predominant signal of abrasion was on protection as his opponents have been extra willing to let their palms go (43.four punches per circular compared to 30.5 throughout Tyson’s most reliable years) and that they related with a good deal more frequency (40.6% universal, 36.7% jabs, 43.3% vigour compared to 34.1% basic, 28.1% jabs and 39.6% vigour). for this reason, Tyson’s opponents managed to land extra punches per round universal (17.6 to 14.0) and extra jabs (6.6 to 2.0) whereas Tyson scraped out a 12.0 to 11.0 area in landed vigor punches per circular. As changed into the case all through his premier years, vigour pictures made up a large a part of Tyson’s offense (sixty seven.1% of makes an attempt and 85.7% of connects all through the post-major years compared to sixty seven.1% and seventy nine.5% all the way through the best years).

As for the put up-major Jones, that version threw a long way fewer punches per circular (35.0 in comparison to forty four.1 in his prime) but he nevertheless managed to join with extraordinary however lesser frequency (35.four% common, 17.9% jabs, 44% energy compared to forty five.eight% usual, 26.4% jabs and fifty four.8% energy all the way through his foremost years). Jones remained aggressive along with his punch alternative as vigour shots comprised sixty six.9% of his makes an attempt and eighty three.1% of his connects in comparison to sixty eight.3% and 81.7% respectively. Like Tyson, Jones’ predominant symptom of abrasion was on defense as opponents hit Jones with 31.eight% of their complete punches, 15.eight% of their jabs and 39.4% of their power punches — a miles cry from the figures he yielded right through his highest quality years (26.9% universal, 18.2% jabs, 33.8% power).

Prediction: Tyson’s efficiency in his remaining fights became adversely suffering from his terrible frame of mind. “i used to be satisfied to leave the ring,” he instructed the long island publish in late-October. “I dreaded being within the ring at the moment. i used to be an entire distinct person returned then.” but now, more than 15 years after his remaining combat, his passion for boxing has been resurrected; “I even have the desire to try this now and the desire to do that now. I’m just able to do that and that i feel in reality super. I are looking to see how top notch I seem to be. I simply consider miraculous.” because Tyson become guided via Cus D’Amato — who placed an enormous emphasis on intellectual electricity — his performances within the ring had been drastically dependent on his emotional and intellectual state, and, for this experience at least, it will be the top-rated it has been in many years.

As for Jones, he has the diverse potential of getting his last reputable fight take place under three years in the past. And, against Sigmon, the 49-yr-historic Jones became brilliant on offense (58.5 punches per round, percentages of forty eight.5% average, 28.6% jabs and fifty one.6% vigor, and attach leads of 284-226 overall, 22-1 jabs and 262-225 vigour) and good on defense (33.four% typical, 4.2% jabs, 34.5% vigour). He changed into so comfy and in command that he engaged in mid-battle conversation with Pensacola ringsiders, landed trick punches and radiated positivity.

If this were a “actual” combat, the generic wisdom is that Tyson should still be the heavy favourite. vigor is the final asset a pretty good fighter loses and, at 54, Tyson may also nevertheless have plenty of it. Of route, the 12-ounce gloves may blunt some of Tyson’s clout but his hand velocity — at least in keeping with the brief videos he released — seems to stay above normal for anybody, a good deal less a person of his antique. the two-minute rounds may still additionally aid in terms of holding Tyson’s stamina, an asset that has on no account been wondered about Jones.

Conversely, the first gift a fine fighter loses is leg electricity and Jones misplaced that a long time ago. additionally, he has been knocked unconscious multiple times in his profession (Glen Johnson, Denis Lebedev, Enzo Maccarinelli) and in Tyson he might be facing a bigger man with a much bigger punch. briefly, Jones may be combating Tyson with aged legs and a dodgy chin. If a genuine rumble breaks out, and if Tyson hurts Jones, Tyson, prominent for his killer instinct, will win with the aid of KO. but if Jones can live to tell the tale the opening wave — let’s say the first three two-minute rounds — he could prefer aside a doubtlessly winded Tyson, who, when compelled or pissed off, has behaved extraordinarily erratically (the Holyfield chunk fight, the makes an attempt to wreck the fingers of Frans Botha and Kevin McBride, and the like).

both have strengths they can emphasize and each have weaknesses the different fighter can exploit. If this exhibition becomes a “shoot,” the opt for is Tyson through TKO, however the guess is that both men will often honor the unwritten guidelines dictating exhibitions. This adventure may go the way of the three Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.-Jorge Arce exhibitions — ample two-approach motion to please the viewers and to generate the sense that both are nearing the razor’s edge of reality, however as soon as they approach that area they’ll pull lower back. If that happens, then the prediction might be that a superb time could be had by means of all — viewers and boxers alike.

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