January 26, 2021
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women’s Boxing in 2020: The Ring’s panel of consultants weighs in    

girls’s Boxing in 2020: The Ring’s panel of experts weighs in    

Katie Taylor with the fruits of her labor. (picture by Mark Robinson/Matchroom)
by using The Ring

As one of the crucial difficult years in recent history comes to an in depth for the entire planet and the grim analyses of the previous three hundred and sixty five days pile up for pretty much each human undertaking, boxing also tries to come back to terms with an atypical period during which disruptions had been the norm.  

however even during this discouraging context, boxing did be capable of stay afloat and even flourish, and in some cases all that became lacking changed into the roar of the crowd in the heritage, because the motion matched or even surpassed (as a minimum in satisfactory, if not in amount) that of outdated years.  

This was additionally the yr through which a modest ancient moment came to fruition when The Ring created its divisional rankings for women’s boxing, up to date weekly with the aid of a panel of select writers and insiders from all over the world.  

We requested them to create their personal record of personal awards reflecting the highs and lows for 2020, and this is what they produced:  


Thomas Gerbasi (u . s .) The Ring magazine  

Fighter of the year: Katie Taylor 

fight of the 12 months: Terri Harper vs. Natasha Jonas 

Knockout of the year: Seniesa Estrada KO 1 Miranda Adkins 

Upset of the year: Jessica McCaskill W 10 Cecilia Braekhus  

round of the yr: Terri Harper-Natasha Jonas – circular 5 

coach of the yr: Stefy Bull 

experience of the yr: Claressa Shields publicizes circulation to MMA 

Most Inspirational: Kim Clavel 


Wildalys Figueras-Snow (Puerto Rico) Boxeo con Lipstick   

Fighter of the 12 months: Katie Taylor – In an period the place most boxers who are capable of put their palms on a world title are trying to evade dangerous opponents, Katie Taylor showcased her virtue with the aid of exposing herself to the most appropriate competitors she has confronted. as soon as once again, she confronted Delfine Persoon, who made Taylor now not simply go the space in each of their fights, but just about beat her within the first one. 

combat of the year: Katie Taylor vs. Delfine Persoon II – As anticipated, Taylor proven her respect for the sport and the significance of the saying, “To be the ideal, one should beat the most reliable,” and Persoon additionally went in decided to take all the belts that had been unified in the first bout. both gladiators gave a spectacle on a way to turn into legendary. 

KO of the year: Shannon Courtenay KO 7 vs. Dorota Norek – sudden, decisive; with out doubts a fine ancient-original Knockout, the place you understand exactly when and the way it happened.   

Upset of the yr:  Cecilia Braekhus vs. Jessica McCaskill – McCaskill is in charge no longer only for Braekhus’ first loss in her 11-year reign, she additionally canceled the tiebreaker between the legendary Joe Louis and Cecilia with the aid of preventing her 26th consecutive title protection. It become now not simply unexpected; it changed into ancient. 

Prospect of the 12 months:  Kim Clavel – Even when she was facing the COVID-19 challenge as a nurse, she became capable of maintain her focal point on her boxing profession and her intention of becoming a global champion. 

adventure of the yr: The Ring magazine introduces feminine boxing rankings! 

Sportsmanship of the yr: Miriam Gutierrez – “Defeat has a dignity that victory doesn’t know of.” – Jorge Luis Borges 

Foolishness of the yr: Mariana “Barbie” Juarez –  After dropping her WBC belt to Yulihan “Cobrita” Luna, she interrupted her interview to accuse Luna of creating changes to the gloves within the most disrespectful and dishonorable method. 


Yesica Palmetta (Argentina), Cerca del Ring, Boxeadoras Argentinas 

Fighter of the year: Katie Taylor – naturally every person’s favorite, Katie is truely the better of 2020. She has proven in her two fights that she is an entire athlete, and never just a boxer. staring at her circulation on the ring is a factor of beauty.  

combat of the yr: Terri Harper vs. Natasha Jonas / Katie Taylor vs. Delfine Persoon II – those had been two of the optimal fights in 2020, no question about it. Two fights of first rate technical nice and a lot of motion. I may choose Taylor-Persoon II because the moderate favorite because of how disputed all of the rounds had been, and because this became the battle through which Taylor in reality showed she’s the No. 1 in ladies’s boxing when she defeated a fine fighter like Persoon with such readability and determination.  

KO of the yr: Shannon Courtenay vs. Dorota Norek – Courtenay dropped Norek in round 7 with one single punch. She showed she is ready for larger challenges when she overcame a clumsy fighter like Norek, who changed into on proper of her within the early rounds. The electricity of the British fighter ended up being too tons, although. an outstanding stoppage win!  

Most Pointless Bout of the year: Seniesa Estrada vs. Miranda Adkins – An pointless fight, and an excellent mismatch. Estrada turned into coming off a few terrific fights, and facing an older and unexperienced fighter become now not going so as to add the rest to her resume.  

Prospect of the yr: Gabriela “Chucky” Alaniz – She is a promising fighter in a celeb-studded division. The Argentine fighter has speed, strength and intelligence within the ring, and that makes up for a extremely appealing trend.  

The “Why did we ought to watch this?” Award: Amanda Serrano KO 1 Dahiana Santana – second combat between them, equal effect. It changed into a mistake with the aid of Santana to settle for this combat, seeing that her level of inaction.   

The “What else is on television tonight?” Snooze of the 12 months: Daniela Bermudez vs Cintia Castillo –  despite the fact that Bermudez picked up a brand new crown right here (she in fact recovered one that she had dropped earlier than), the fight itself became now not outstanding. Bermudez’s nice did shine through occasionally in opposition t a courageous opponent, but the battle become linear and with none memorable moments.  


Malissa Smith (u . s . a .), Girlboxing 

Fighter of the year: Katie Taylor 

battle of the 12 months: Terri Harper vs. Natasha Jonas – This became the battle of the pandemic season … palms down … male or female! 

KO of the 12 months: Etsuko Tada’s KO within the ninth circular over Ayaka Miyao – we’re speaking minimum Weight (strawweight)! 

Upset of the yr: Yulihan Luna Avila’s UD win over Mariana Juarez – We actually didn’t see this one coming! 

Prospect of the yr: Shannon Courtenay – She had two astonishing fights this year and has in fact come a long way. 

adventure of the year: The Ring magazine introduces divisional feminine boxing rankings.  

suggest for girls in Boxing Award: Heather Hardy and her persevered battle for equity for warring parties in the recreation. 


Mark Jones (u . s . a .), BoxingJones.com, IBRO  

Fighter of the yr: Katie Taylor 

fight of the 12 months: Harper D 10 Jonas  

KO of the 12 months:  Etsuko Tada KO 9 Ayaka Miyao 

Upset of the year: Yulihan Luna Avila UD-10 Mariana Juarez 

Prospect of the year: Gabriela Celeste Alaniz 

Farce of the yr: Seniesa Estrada KO-1 Miranda Adkins 

experience of the year: The Ring journal introduces female boxing rankings by means of weight courses.  


Irene Deserti (Mexico), Rincon Rojo journal 

Fighter of the year: Katie Taylor

fight of the yr: Katie Taylor vs Delfine Persoon II

KO of the yr: Christina Hammer KO 7 Sara Turunen

Upset of the year: Yulihan Luna vs. Mariana Juarez – Luna turned into now not a boxer who changed into resonant within the boxing world, and this became the aspect that made her victory towards Mariana Juarez even more excellent.

Prospect of the yr: Kim Clavel – I really like her boxing abilities. I think like she is ready for extra aggressive fights and that really, she will be able to shock us right away.

Most Uneven battle of the yr: Seniesa Estrada vs. Miranda Adkins – i can’t believe a matchmaker would make a battle on these phrases! in reality deplorable. It may well be the KO of the 12 months, but given the inability of parity between the boxers, i can’t award it as such. 


Yuriko Miyata (Japan), The Ring journal 

Fighter of the year:  Katie Taylor 

battle of the 12 months: Taylor vs grownup II 

KO of the 12 months: Etsuko Tada KO 9 Ayaka Miyao – Between two of ex-champions for a world title. 

Upset of the 12 months: Yulihan Luna vs. Mariana Juarez 

Prospect of the 12 months: Shannon Courtenay – She caught my eye when she misplaced in the battle with Rachel Ball. and he or she got here back powerful!   


Lupi Beagle (us of a), Boxing Meets splendor, the two-Min round  

Fighter of the 12 months: Jessica McCaskill – Say what you need, however she had the biggest win of the yr! 

combat of the yr: Katie Taylor vs. Delfine Persoon II – Delfine got here out swinging, however Katie delivered a greater decisive win this time round. 

Upset of the yr: Cecilia Braekhus vs. Jessica McCaskill – #AllTheBelts 

KO of the year: Etsuko Tada KO 9 Ayaka Miyao – One and executed.  

Prospect of the year: Kim Clavel – just a few greater rounds beneath her belt and we now have some massive money fights coming. 

remark of the year: Melissa Odessa Parker’s performance against Brittney Sims – Google her battle, it’s price the minute or so. 


Diego Morilla (Argentina) The Ring en Español  

Fighter of the 12 months:  Katie Taylor – In any other year, we would have had decisions. but this year the option is clear: it’s Katie’s world and we simply live in it.  

battle of the year: Taylor-Persoon II – forget about her titles: Taylor’s legacy was at stake right here, and she left little doubt about why she is as a minimum just a tad above the phenomenal Persoon.  

KO of the 12 months:  Etsuko Tada KO 9 Ayaka Miyao – One-punch knockouts are a rarity, and this one become an image-superb, spotlight-reel example. fascinating finish.  

Upset of the yr:  Yulihan Luna Avila vs. Mariana Juarez – until they discover a few horseshoes in Luna Avila’s gloves, this was one of the most brutal beatdowns in fresh reminiscence, and again an all-time notable in addition.  

Prospect of the yr: Gabriela Celeste Alaniz – The best mixture of physicality, athleticism, boxing competencies and sheer badassery.  

The Norris-Santana ‘i will be able to’t agree with this is going on again’ Award: Amanda Serrano KO 1 Dahiana Santana – severely, there have been better easy methods to make funds legally earlier than Christmas, even within the center of a virus. Let’s hope they don’t are trying to mimic the Norris-Santana fiasco by way of making it a trilogy! Please!